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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is something that is necessary when accidents or a painful dental situation happens – this is why Peace Park Dental offers you a wide variety of emergency procedures. We`ll help you as soon as possible. But before you reach us, here are a couple of tips on how to handle yourself in these situations.

You have a toothache – this can be caused by many different issues. Visit our office as soon as possible to investigate the dental emergency. If you have a toothache apply a cold compress to your cheek, take some over-the-counter medication or use salt water to flush the area where you have a toothache.

If your tooth has been fractured or broken – this is a serious emergency and we are here to help you. Before you come into our office, you should do the following – gather all the fragments of your tooth, cover any sharp edges to prevent injuries, take aspirin if you are not bleeding, apply a cold compress if you are in pain.

If you have had your tooth knocked out – again, a very serious emergency, visit our office as soon as you are able to.

We take Dental emergencies as a priority at Peace Park Dental, call or contact us today to book your appointment!

Sorry we are closed for the day do to weather conditions. Stay Safe!

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