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Primescan Technology at Peace Park Dental in Fonthill

With Primescan, Dentsply Sirona introduces an intraoral scanner to the market, and, with its significant product features, achieves outstanding results and takes digital impressioning to a higher level of quality.


With Primescan, you can produce scans amazingly fast. You can capture an entire upper jaw in well under 30 seconds, and a full jaw scan in less than a minute. During the scanning process, the dynamic lens completes more than 10 movements per second, thereby enabling the “Dynamic Depth Scan.” The result is more than 1 million 3-D points per second. This is thanks to Intelligent Processing, which filters, processes and compresses the high volume of data so that models can be calculated faster.


The high-precision Smart Pixel Sensor captures the data at an extremely high resolution and assesses the contrast in each pixel. For every 3-D image, Primescan consolidates more than 50,000 images per second, thereby offering a level of scanning precision that has never been achieved before. A new technology, for which a patent application has been submitted, in the form of optical high frequency analysis is used to calculate the 3-D points, resulting in an increased level of accuracy. This is further supported by an optical design that has been optimized for the measuring principle used and by the mechanical robustness of the optics.

Easy to use:

Primescan enables a flexible, intuitive and very simple scan procedure, enabling faster access to tooth surfaces without the need for signifcant tilting. The captured images are calculated in a flash and put together without any visible scan interruptions.

A great feeling:

Primescan is an intraoral scanner that can be subjected to all necessary hygienic reprocessing (wipe disinfection, autoclaving, hot air sterilization, high-level disinfection). This is made possible by three sleeve concepts (stainless steel sleeve, stainless steel sleeve with disposable window, disposable sleeves).

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