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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Fonthill

This is one of the most common procedures – we can remove your wisdom teeth when you start having issues like pain or discomfort. You should come into our dental office to evaluate your situation and get the best possible advise.

What this procedure consists of

Before you have your wisdom teeth removed, you`ll need to have an x-ray first of your entire mouth to determine the exact location of your teeth. This will help our dentists determine the best way to extract your wisdom tooth. After that, your wisdom tooth will be removed under local anesthetic.

Why would you need it removed?

Most often, the wisdom teeth will have to be removed because it has grown in impacted – this means that your wisdom tooth has partially broken through the gums and bacteria could end up trapped around it.

In rare cases, a wisdom tooth can grow into the mouth or they cause trouble for the other teeth.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on your specific procedure. In some cases, it costs more and in some, it costs less. You`ll need a consultation first to determine where your tooth is and how it`s best to remove.

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